Preparation for a return to diving in 2022

Here you will find information to assist you in the preparation of your safe return to diving in 2022.

The UKDMC have produced a scorecard to assess risk and action required in relation to Covid 19. If you have had Covid then it essential that you contact a UKDMC referee for fitness to dive certification before embarking on open water diving.

BSAC information

BSAC have a wealth of useful information on their website and I’d encourage you to head over to to read their guidance. The site also has links to supporting material to assist you in your own preparations for a return to the water.


Understandably, we are all excited at the prospect of getting back into the water but remember that by developing your fitness, you’ll be safer and better equipped to enjoy that first dive. Staying active is incredibly important and we’ve included some Youtube links which will help you improve your fitness levels and which can be incorporated into your own return to diving programme.

Kit checklist

Ok. So you’ve planned your dive, you’re fit, you’ve read the safety briefing but is your kit ready? The following link provides a useful aide memoir of the kit you will need when you head off for your next dive.

….and don’t forget to ensure that your equipment has been serviced in accordance with manufacturers specifications!!!!!!!!!!

How do I clean my BC?