The club dates back many decades and was originally set up for the benefit of workers at the Selo photographic factory in Brentwood. The club later opened it’s doors to the public at large but at its heart, the focus has always been in support of the local community.

An incident from the 70’s typifies this support:

‘It was in the early 1970’s and I was a member of the Selo (Brentwood) branch of the British Sub Aqua Club. We had been asked by the Prittlewell Angling Club, (I hope I remembered that correctly), to help with removing a car from their fishing lake. It wasn’t known if the car was empty or occupied.

Anyway, diving in water which was near zero degrees and in limited visibility we managed to secure a hawser around the roof. Conditions in the water were so bad that each pair of divers was limited to ten minutes. Then we watched as an army 7-tonner winched out an old Standard Vanguard Estate. Once on the bank the hawser sliced through the roof of the car, fortunately empty.’